2013/11/02 Internatinal show in Prague - Duo CACIB

We attended two days international exhibition in Prague. Kája was showed in champion' s category.

Kája got
great judgment from the judge Pavlovská on Saturday, but also the location of excellent 1, CAC. It made us happy twice, because this result ment title CZECH GRAND CHAMPION for Kája as well.

Next day - 3rd November- Judge B. Muller evaluated Kaja as excellent 3.

Arky was both days placed on first possition as excellent 1, which was enriched by title CAJC on Sunday. Arky was showed for last time in the junior category and we wish her same achievements in other categories.

We took tour of the city center  after
Saturday's show, which already has Christmas atmosphere. We watched the old Prague' s clock and passed the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. We did little stop in the Cathedral of St Vít. We went throw Golden street on the way back. It was a really good day.

2nd November 2013- Carolline Jökll Galaxy Oss - excellent1, CAC


Arcona Zodiac z Richardovských skal - excellent 1, CAJC



Trip to centre of Prague


3rd November 2013 - Carolline Jökll Galaxy Oss -excellent 3