2013/09/14 Zubří Club' s show of MSKCHPL

Club meeting was as a always together with club show. Our Kajinka competed in the class winners, which were showed very beautiful bitches and Kája jumped to third place. We met our puppies from litter A. All of our puppies was rated excellent. Arcona with Aslan eventually competed for the best young by representatives of the breed. In this battle won Aslan. Judge really liked him. These puppies are really well and prove that their successes at shows.

Weather was not nice, but it was the perfect time for mushrooms, which we really enjoyed. And these evenings with our friends and glass of wine are relly great and we always enjoyed them.

 Carolline (Kájina) with here children  Arcona and Aslan

Carolline - champion class - excellent 3                                                                       

Kája with Terezka- winners "Children and dog"

Arcona excellent 1, CAJC ...she received condition for titul Czech junior champion. Arky, congratulation to you !!!



Aslan excellent1, CAJC, BOJ - handsome as every time


Astrid -was really naughty in ring and it was reason, she received result excellent without place. It was really shame, because judge liked her very much. Astrid is a very beautiful female with a nice mask.